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At the end of 1982, the Turin manufacturer's stay in Formula 1 was very much at risk. Alfa Romeo came to his rescue and undertook to supply the old V12 engines used by the official team until the previous year for a nominal fee. The supply also included gearboxes and rear suspensions and apparently should initially also include the supply of the monocoque chassis of the Alfa Romeo 182. It was all material in fact superseded by Alfa Romeo's decision to adopt the new 8-cylinder turbo engine for 1983. However, the supply of the chassis did not materialize due to the veto of the Euroracing team, which from that year had the role of official Alfa Romeo team. Therefore it was decided to build a frame from scratch, entrusting the design to the engineer Tony Southgate, who had extensive experience as a designer with BRM, Eagle, Shadow, Arrows and Theodore. The agreement with Alfa Romeo provided for the car to debut at the 1983 San Marino Grand Prix, but since the new chassis could not be ready, the first car was built using a 1982 chassis.

The best result of the duo formed by the Italians Piercarlo Ghinzani and Corrado Fabi was the 10th place in the Austrian GP conquered by Fabi. Team Osella did not score points in the 1983 season.

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