Rial is a German producer of light alloy wheels and rims, and was a Formula One constructor competing in the 1988 and 1989 seasons. Founded in the 1970s as a wheel rim producer, the company was bought by Günter Schmid, ex-owner of the ATS wheels company in 1987. Schmid followed the same strategy as he had at ATS, advertising the Rial wheel brand by entering Formula One as a constructor. Rial participated in 32 Grands Prix, entering a total of 48 cars. They scored six championship points, finishing a highest of ninth in the constructors championship in 1988. After leaving Formula One at the end of the 1989 season, the Rial Racing division was closed, and the company did not race again.

Activity: 1988 - 1989
Grand Prix: 32
Best Result: 4th - A. de Cesaris (United States 1988) / C. Danner (United States 1989) 
Best Grid Position: 12nd - A. de Cesaris (Mexico, Canada, United States, France, Portugal 1988)
Fastest Laps: 0
Championship Points: 6