The team was founded and centered on Héctor Rebaque, a Mexican driver who first drove in Formula 1 in 1977 for Hesketh. After his debut season, he was released by Hesketh, and with no other team willing to hire him as a driver, Rebaque decided to start his own team. At the beginning of the 1978 Formula 1 season, Rebaque made a deal with Team Lotus to purchase his 1977 Type 78 model (JPS-15). He had very little experience, just qualified for a race with Hesketh, and had a difficult year. Although he scored a point in the German Grand Prix, he also suffered the ignominy of being forced to retire from the Brazilian Grand Prix due to the driver's tiredness.

He continued the deal with Lotus for the 1979 season, this time buying the championship-winning Type 79 chassis. During the year, he hired Penske to build a chassis, the HR100 Trailer. The design of the car - by Geoff Ferris in collaboration with John Barnard - was heavily influenced by the design of the Lotus 79, also incorporating some elements from the Williams FW07 sidepods. It was completed in time for the Italian Grand Prix of that year, although it failed to qualify or finish the last three races of the year. The team ended at the end of the year. Rebaque himself moved to the Brabham team in the middle of the following season.

Activity: 1979
Grand Prix: 30
Best Result: 6th - H. Rebaque (Germany 1978)
Best Grid Position: 15th - H. Rebaque (Belgium 1979)
Fastest Laps: 0
Championship Points: 0