Ted Field was born in a world of affluence and someone not quite aloof, but he was just a bit different. He had just begun his racing career in driving Porsche 911s or Carreras. Danny Ongais was an ex-drag racer who worked his way into oval track racing and road racing. He was a completely devoted man, with a lot of talent. Their relationship would be somewhat strained. In the early 80s, the team had a huge shop in Santa Ana, California. The cars that they entered in IMSA were Porsche 934s in the beginning. Danny Ongais was involved in a wide program including Indycar racing, Formula One and the IMSA Championship as well as Formula 5000. 

Ongais is the only native Hawaiian to compete in the Indianapolis 500. He competed professionally in motorcycle, sports car, Formula One, and drag racing. A flamboyant figure on the racing circuit, Ongais was nicknamed "On-Gas" and "The Flyin' Hawaiian." In addition, around the paddock it was joked that "DOA" stood for "Danny Ongais Again" due to his tendency to hit the walls or other cars. 

In Formula One, Ongais raced in six Grands Prix, debuting on October 2, 1977, and recorded a best result of seventh. In 1996, at the age of 54, he served as the substitute driver for Scott Brayton in the Indianapolis 500, as Brayton had died in a crash while practicing shortly before the race. Starting last, Ongais finished 7th in what was his final 500.

Activity: 1977 - 1978
Grand Prix: 6
Best Result: 7th - D. Ongais (Canada 1977)
Best Grid Position: 21st - D. Ongais (Argentina 1978)
Fastest Laps: 0
Championship Points: 0