First Racing (sometimes written as FIRST Racing) was an Italian motor racing team founded by Lamberto Leoni, which competed in International Formula 3000 from 1987 to 1991. The team built a car for entry into the 1989 Formula One series, designed by Ricardo Divila, and powered by a Judd V8 engine. Italian Gabriele Tarquini was signed to drive the lone entry, giving it a run at the 1989 Attilio Bettega Memorial event in Bologna and the Formula One Indoor Trophy. However, the chassis itself was poorly manufactured due to a temperature mistake in the autoclave, with the result that a second chassis had to be re-commissioned. Having realized that the delay would cost the team a penalty for missing the first two races of the season, Divila and his engineers tried to reinforce the chassis with injections of a material called Redus 410 NA.

Although the car passed the mandatory FIA pre-season crash test in Cranfield, it was now significantly overweight. Faced with the perspective of racing an uncompetitive car in a packed field (the 1989 Formula One World Championship counted over forty participants with pre-qualifying sessions), Leoni decided to withdrew before the opening Brazilian Grand Prix and concentrate his efforts on the Formula 3000 season; the effort lasted until 1991. The second chassis commissioned by Leoni would be later purchased by Ernesto Vita and used in the 1990 for his Life L190.