ONYX ORE-1B - 1990 F1 SEASON (WHITE) (V2) - Mug

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For 1990 the team had retained JJ Lehto but in an obvious move they had opted to go with Gregor Foitek in the second car, as he was the son of part-owner Karl Foitek. Foitek was contracted to Brabham for two races so Johansson was kept for the opening two rounds. As little money had been put into developing a car for the 1990 season, the team arrived at the opening two rounds with last year's ORE-1. Neither driver qualified for the first two races with Johansson destroying two chassis in the process. On to Imola for round 3 and the team arrived with slightly updated ORE-1B chassis. Foitek was finally available to the team and he replaced Johansson, but this resulted in the second crisis of 1990 as Stefan Johansson was upset by the team's disloyalty and sued them for breach of contract and, along with Alan Jenkins, he attempted to get a court injunction to block Monteverdi's planned relocation of the team. Imola did prove to have a happy ending as both cars made the grid with Lehto coming home 12th. At Monaco Foitek was running in 6th position at a late stage in the race when he collided with Éric Bernard's Larrousse, resulting in him being classified 7th, a result that would be Onyx's best finish of the season.

On to Britain and once again neither car made the grid. By the time of the German Grand Prix, Monteverdi had succeeded in changing the team's name to Monteverdi Onyx Formula One, but once again it meant nothing as although both cars scraped onto the grid, Foitek retired early and Lehto finished 6 laps behind and was unclassified.

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