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The Novi engine is an American dual overhead cam supercharged V8 engine used in racing cars in the Indianapolis 500 from 1941 to 1966. Designed by Bud Winfield and Leo Goossen, it was built by Fred Offenhauser in suburban Novi, Michigan, near Detroit. The Novi was first used in 1941 at the Indianapolis 500 under the "Winfield" name; it produced over 450 hp (340 kW), an amazing output for the time. It was fitted to a 1935 frame built for a Miller engine, but its power made the vehicle very difficult to handle.

After World War II, the Novi was used again in 1946 in the Indianapolis 500, developed with 510 horsepower and fitted in a more advanced Kurtis Kraft front-wheel-drive chassis.

The engine's crowd-pleasing sound was caused by its gear-driven centrifugal supercharger, which turned at more than five (5.35) times the crankshaft speed, giving it a scream at full power. The engine's four camshafts and oversized-valve design also contributed to an exhaust noise much louder than other engines of its period, resulting in a deep-bass roar. The whole Novi package became legendary; it was known for being dangerously powerful, especially after racing veterans Hepburn and Chet Miller both died, in 1948 and 1953, respectively, driving the vehicles powered by Novi engines in practice.

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