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Hans Heyer (born 16 March 1943) is a German racing driver who mainly raced touring cars. He started the 1977 German Grand Prix despite not qualifying for the race. After retiring with a mechanical failure, he was disqualified.

In his single attempt at Formula One, he entered the 1977 German Grand Prix on 31 July 1977 with the second Penske car of the new German team ATS. With little experience in single seaters and a bad car, he did not qualify. He was the first reserve, meaning that he would get the chance to race if another driver dropped out; however, Heyer chose to start the race anyway, slipping out of the pits and joining the pack without the officials realising. Only when his gearbox failed after 10 laps was it realised that Heyer should not have been competing, whereupon he was disqualified. He never attempted another race in a single-seat car.

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