US F1 Team was a proposed Formula One team that was granted entry to the 2010 season. However, the team stopped work on its car and did not compete in 2010. It informed the FIA that it was not in a position to race and was removed from the official entry list.

The team was fronted by former Haas CNC Racing technical director Ken Anderson and journalist (and former Williams and Ferrari manager) Peter Windsor. US F1 was aiming to be the only F1 team based outside Europe, with their factory located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This was part of Anderson and Windsor's plan to promote American drivers and technology, as was their initial aim to run two American drivers in the 2010 season.

On December 22, 2009, F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone was one of those to express doubts about the team making it to the grid for 2010. Windsor denied these doubts and on the same day finally unveiled a completed team website. Over the Christmas holiday, Windsor's blog stated that the development team had only taken off 2 days "when European-based teams might break for a few weeks" and that he would not allow "16 valuable days lost in the too-short life of the F1 European winter" to be wasted.

Originally the team planned on running two American drivers. Windsor later altered that goal, stating that the team might employ more experienced, non-American drivers in their first season to help speed up future development. The team denied the possibility of using so-called pay drivers. On November 21, 2009, Argentine driver José María López announced that he had a conditional deal in place with the USF1 team to drive in the 2010 season, providing he secured an eight million-dollar sponsorship package.

The team's chassis, to be known as the USF1 Type 1, was to utilize the Cosworth CA2010 engine.