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Super Monaco GP is a Formula One racing simulation video game released by Sega, originally as a Sega X Board arcade game in 1989, followed by ports for multiple video game consoles and home computers in the early 1990s. It is the sequel to the 1979 arcade game Monaco GP. The arcade game consists of one race, the Monaco Grand Prix, but later ports added more courses and game modes based on the 1989 Formula One World Championship.

The original concept for Super Monaco GP came from Hisao Oguchi, who was at the time a game planner with Sega. The arcade game contained parodies of actual brands that were sponsors in Formula One, which led to a lawsuit from Philip Morris over advertising of tobacco products. Shortly after the arcade game launch, Super Monaco GP was ported to Sega's video game consoles, the Genesis, Game Gear, and Master System. British developer U.S. Gold published ports for home computers.

The arcade game was a major worldwide hit; in Japan, it was the third highest-grossing arcade game of 1989 and then the highest-grossing dedicated arcade game of 1990. The arcade and Genesis versions received positive reviews from critics, focused on the game's graphics and playability. Ports for 8-bit systems ranged from mixed to generally favorable depending on the platforms, with the conversions less well received for their difficulty and differences in gameplay.

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