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The Osella FA1B was a Formula 1 racing car developed by the Italian Formula 1 team Osella Squadra Corse and used for six different drivers in the 1980 and 1981 world championships. It replaced the Osella FA1. With him, the team did not reach any world championship points.

The basic features of the FA1B corresponded to the predecessor model. The suspension has been slightly revised. As with the FA1, the monocoque of the new vehicle was essentially made of aluminum. However, it was significantly narrower than that of the FA1. This enabled the areas of the side boxes to be widened, which led to an improved effect of the ground effect. Osella claimed the FA1B developed five percent more downforce than the FA1. The FA1B was also significantly lighter than its predecessor. The weight of the FA1B is often given as 600 kg. This would have exceeded the minimum weight stipulated by the regulations by just 5 kg. In the literature, however, there are doubts about the correctness of this value. A Cosworth DFV eight-cylinder engine continued to serve as the drive; the power was transmitted via a Hewland gearbox.

The first vehicle with the starting number 31 was driven one after the other by Miguel Ángel Guerra, Piercarlo Ghinzani and Beppe Gabbiani, the second car, number 32, was driven by Gabbiani, Ghinzani, Giorgio Francia, Guerra and Jean-Pierre Jarier. The best results were two eighth places Jariers at the Grand Prix of Great Britain and Germany. The successor model Osella FA1C appeared at the Italian Grand Prix, which was exclusive until the end of the year.

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