Middlebridge was a project created to compete in the second half of the 1987 Formula 1 season. In 1987, the Italian Emanuele Pirro, then 25, planned to create his own team. 

He had the help of John MacDonald (founder of RAM Racing) and the Middlebridge Group Limited business group, based in Japan. The chassis used would be the B186, which had disputed the 1986 season for Benetton. The car would be equipped with a BMW engine renamed Megatron and the tires would be from Goodyear. 

Pirro and his new team signed up for the Italian GP, ​​while Japanese Aguri Suzuki would participate in the last 2 races (Japan and Australia). A photo of the car was taken (without an engine) with a black and white paint job. However, the FIA ​​decided to reject the team's registration a few days before the Italian GP, ​​claiming that if a team entered a third car, it would have to do it 3 months before the deadline. After the registration was definitively barred by the organization, Pirro would make his Formula 1 debut only in 1989 with Benetton, and Suzuki would compete in a GP for the first time in 1988, with Larrousse.